The Opportunity.

Create a lifestyle of wealth and freedom. Build your own business. Be your own boss. Pave the way for your future today and achieve your dreams tomorrow. Kyani’s unique marketing plan and remarkable products, allow you to have the opportunity to Experience More.
With unmatched car programs, exotic retreats, and a lucrative compensation plan, Kyani is based on a foundation of health and wellness that will allow you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. With no limits to what you can accomplish, the possibilities are up to you! Join the thousands of others who are already members of the Kyani family. Experience More today! Take advantage of this unique, ground-floor opportunity of Kyani.




The Rewards. More than you know.

Exotic vacations. Luxury cars. Endless rank bonuses. There’s more to Kyani than just a gratifying paycheck. With Kyani’s bountiful rewards, you can start living the lifestyle you deserve. You can make your dreams become a reality.



The “Drive your Dream Car” Program.

Showcasing the most aggressive car program in the industry, Kyani’s “Drive your Dream Car” program will have you stylishly driving away in no time. The five-tierd incentive will have you quickly earning cash towards a luxurious white Audi A4, while boosting momentum to achieve higher ranks until you truly are driving the car of your dreams. All on Kyani’s dime!




Kyani’s Compensation Plan. Unlimited earning potential.

Kyani’s Compensation Plan is successful, innovative and lucrative. It is an unparalleled breakthrough in the network marketing industry with unlimited earning potential. It’s industry-shattering Generation Check Match, PayGate Accumulator, Kyani “Drive Your Dream Car Program,” and many other bonuses allow you to create the lifestyle of wealth and freedom.
Enjoy the benefits of no volume blockage, no cut-offs, and no breakaway restrictions. The possibilities are endless. Only YOU can determine the amount you’ll earn in your Kyani business.



An Industry First

We are all part of the Kyani Family, which makes Kyani the ultimate “Family Business” and family takes care of family. We are proud to announce an industry-first bonus program that is designed to help provide you with more financial security in your golden years. As governments and corporations cut pensions and retirement plans, Kyani introduces Kyani Care! This accruing bonus will pay out in your golden years, allowing you to Experience More as you enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of hard work.

How does it work?

Kyani will create a Kyani Care account for you automatically, visible in your BackOffice. Kyani products will be assigned a volume amount, called Kyani Volume or KV, on certain products that will accrue (from your sponsor tree, based on rank) in your account over time. This KV is available for payout to you at a later date of election.* It’s that simple! Kyani will do all the administration and tracking while you focus on building your Kyani Business. As you do, you will be earning the Kyani Care Bonus to be paid out in later years.



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